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One of the best things ever got more then I expected and man some great ones too.. definitely would do again

Katie M

I was so happy to receive my first order. Wildflower handmade has been the best shipped as far as boxed and plastic for my prints out of all the businesses I order from! Loved all my prints!

Christina S

Love love LOVE the grab bags from Wildflower Handmade! Marissa always includes such a great mix of prints and I am never disappointed! Plus it’s an amazing deal!

Allison H

Wildflower handmade


All things witchy

We take pride in offering off beat designs, the owner is a practicing witch herself so she is very adamant about bringing in tasteful witchy designs.

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Bringing awareness to certain issues is something very important to our brand! We are huge advocates for mental health and sobriety. Marissa herself is in recovery!

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Good Vibes

We offer an array of designs from witchy to mom, hippie, holiday etc.

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